Manila Rope is Flexible, Durable and Resistant to
Salt Water Damage

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Manila Ropes Supplier in UAE

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We supply a range of manila ropes to our customers in UAE. Manila rope is also known as hemp rope, because they are made of manila hemp which is a natural fibre that comes from the leaves of the abacá plant. These ropes are known for being flexible, durable and resistant to salt water damage. Today, they are used as a number one choice for towing, safety line, climbing, landscaping, and countless other uses. 

Whether you need rope for general utility purposes, outdoor activities, décor, or even tug of war, manila rope is a perfect choice. These ropes are also used for outdoor decorative purposes due to its decomposability and reputation as the most environment-friendly high strength rope. We offer high quality manila ropes with different diameters and lengths to choose from. They are also used in rope courses and gymnasiums due to its ability to absorb perspiration and therefore act as a good grip.

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